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Tim is sooo cute! I took him to my fancy salon and paid a lot of money for him to get a good haircut and I'm so glad I did because he's adorable. I thought he'd be less cute but his hair is short with a mess of floppy curls on top and it brings out his eyes and his cheekbones and god DAMN am I marrying a fine looking man! He's hot. I couldn't stop looking at him. I can't believe I like his hair better short but I do.


I am a bit tipsy at the moment, just so you know.

Had a good chat with some old college friends tonight. The short version: my college friends are very cool. Also: we were all cool in college too even if we didn't realize it at the time.

The thing about Indiana, and specifically Franklin College, is that you bond with the cool people you can find around you. I remember thinking this at the time, that there was a nice diversity of creativity in our group of friends. We had artists. Singers. Actors. Writers. In a bigger school in a bigger area, we would have specialized more -- actors all hanging out together and doing their own thing apart from the writers, and so on. But because there weren't that many of us, we had to form a more ecclectic group, and I think that was a good thing. Gave us more to talk about, maybe, more viewpoints to consider. Not that I don't love bonding with only writers at conventions and not that there isn't diversity within our own group. I do and there is. But there was something special in Cline Hall in the early 90's. A unique group of people, one that probably wouldn't form at any other time in our lives. It's been incredible, talking to all these people again, finding out that, yes, many of us are doing cool stuff, working on various fascinating creative endeavors. But a lot of it is nostalgia, true. And it makes me feel really really good.

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