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Walking, writing and whatnot
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We did our weekly walk to the farmer's market this morning, a trip that is easier going (downhill) than coming back (uphill, with a rolling backpack full of veggies). Today I splurged and bought a handknitted pair of fingerless gloves from a woman whose mother raises the sheep, uses an organic plant dye (they're soft blue w/ gray trim) and knits them herself (though her mother -- apparently an even more accomplished knitter -- had made my pair and then sworn off making the "tricky things" ever again). I love it when my clothing comes with a good history like that, which is one bonus of the farmer's market.

I also bought a pair of turquoise earrings, since turquoise is my new favorite color (does great things for my eyes, even better than cornflower blue) and a zipper pull. And strawberries, cherries, squash, apple cider, chedder bread, a little sage plant and tomatoes.

Good trip, all in all.

A couple of neat links online today. First off, there a Village Voice story about a transgendered 5-year-old which is fascinating. Apparently, the kid has maintained that she's a girl in a boy's body since she could talk:

As a young toddler, he wouldn't let me snap her onesies together because she wanted to wear a 'dwess' like his sister," Lauren says, mixing pronouns like he and her interchangeably.

And, on a more grown-up topic, Gordonzola tells about a midnight garage sale/ BDSM scene in the Castro last night. I love living in the Bay Area.

We're hitting Writer's With Drinks tonight, which should be fun. I should also write at some point. And clean my house. And put away these veggies in our refrigerator of freezing (I hate that thing). And write some more.

I need to revise a story and send it off by the end of the month, and then there's the YA novel, which I'm working on now that Steph Burgis pointed out why I'd been procrastinating on it during a lunch at Wiscon (fear of rejection, which is so obvious now, but it was like a revelation when she pointed out that it might be the problem). Anyway, I'm typing that in a little bit every day, and will read and revise it once that's done. One nice thing about putting off doing this for so long is that I now have little idea what's going on in the story as I type, so I'm not slowed down by the need to revise as I go. :-)

I also have a really cool new story idea, but I'm not letting myself do more than jot down notes on it until these other two things are done. Tim thinks it's just my brain's way of trying to put off working on the YA again, but I don't care. I'm pretty excited about it, which hasn't happened in awhile.

Anyway, that's it for now. Ta!

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