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Oooh, for the first time I've got River in the Bjorn and he's *quiet*. ::looks down:: No, he's SLEEPING! Whoo! And I'm not dancing around, singing silly, baby-soothing songs! I'm not even swaying in my seat (though that's how I got him this way initially), but I'm sitting still at my computer, working!

Ooh, this is soooo awesome, I can't even begin to describe it!

Oh, damn, I think the phone is ringing in the other room, but I don't dare move for fear of waking him. Damn.

This past weekend Tim watched River while I went out to Cirque du Soleil with my friend, Bekah. We had dinner at The Slanted Door, and even though we didn't have reservations, we got a table with a view of the Bay Bridge, all lit up (it was dusk when we sat down). Food was delish, though I was still hungry after appetizers and a main course. Sigh. I hate it when fancy restaurants do that to you.

We took the T on Muni to the ballpark (just beyond which the circus tents were set up). I was dying, as it had been 3 hours, so I pumped on public transit. Luckily, Bekah is unflappable and is totally the kind of person around whom this kind of behavior is encouraged. Then, once the show started (that is, the clowns weren't running through the audience interacting with everyone), I pumped the other side (under my coat). I was glad, later, that I was done by the time some of the other interactive moments happened, as that would've been embarrassing, even in San Francisco.

The show was AMAZING, although I think I was more impressed with the showmanship and acting than I was with most of the death-defying moments (though to be fair, we squealed and held each other during most of them, so I'm probably not being fair). There was one moment when one of the high-wire walkers tried to jump over his teammate (on the wire) and fell. He caught himself by his hands on the wire and kipped back up. His teammates were all "are you ok?!" and he was examining his hands, and he balked twice more before he accomplished the trick. It made the rest of the show very captivating, as he's lost his hat, so he was easy to pick out from the other three, and it turned out that he did all the hardest tricks.

In a fit of consumerism, I bought River a funky rattle and myself a square umbrella. It is sooo cool. Of course, it's been sunny all week.

The baby continues to be very good, sleeping 9 hours, getting up to eat and sleeping a couple more. Daytime naps are sometimes hard to achieve, though if he'll sleep in the Bjorn, we'll be in business. I feel less guilty this way, too, less like I'm missing out on precious moments with my child every time I put him down. I'm going to miss the hell out of him when I go back to work in March.

I'll put up pictures from Week 10 later on, hopefully today.

And, he wakes! Sigh.

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