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I'm 35 years old today, the presidential birthday. Please don't write me in for that job, though. I'd really suck at it.

Speaking of jobs, I visited my day job on Friday and got to see everyone and show off River (they were all appropriately appreciative of his cuteness). We talked about my return from maternity leave (in March) and I was blown away by how cool my boss was about it. His proposal was better than I'd even hoped for! Not only did he agree to let me work 4 days a week (I'll have Fridays off; I don't even have to ask off/ use vacation time for Wiscon!), but *he suggested* that I work from home 2 of the other 4 days! !! I was so happy I couldn't sleep that night (good things make my brain hamster wheel as much as bad ones)! I won't have to be away from River hardly at all; hell, this couldn't be more perfect! Two days in the office, where I can be a grown-up and not have spit-up on my clothes for *hours at a time* and two days at home. I'll get to be there for all his milestones (well, hopefully at least most of them) and Tim will have him the rest of the time, meaning that we don't have to put him in daycare at all!


I am seriously looking forward to returning to work, instead of worrying about it. I mean, it'll take some time to get back into the swing of things, but I'm sure I'll get in the groove quickly. I was feeling good about my job when I left and I'm so happy that I'm feeling just as good -- no, better! -- about it on my return.

I am so lucky.

River had two milestones yesterday. He rolled over from back to front (did that again this morning) and later he clearly figured out that his hands were the thing making the musical bugs swing. He's been very cute lately -- giggling and smiling and chattering up a storm. I'll have week 11 and a new YouTube video up, hopefully tomorrow :-)

This entry is getting cut short because I am tired and it is time for bed. Ah, birthdays with newborns!

Read/Post Comments (6)

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