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Well, no sooner did I post my *howdy* entry, and I was heading back down the mountain to visit my Nashville kin for a few days. Thanks for the warm welcome home – I appreciated your comments.

En route, Carol (my friend visiting from RI) and I stopped in Monteagle at the Olde-gift-boutique-shoppe (I made that up), and the owner jumped at the opportunity (I made that up, too) to carry my cookbook, A Reason to Season. She’s starting with twelve books – I’d be thrilled if she carried only one. I’m adding some info on the back page regarding my relocation to Monteagle, and that my eldest is a Sewanee graduate. Locals and tourists, alike, prefer buying from locals. Her store is classy, so I’m flattered.

Once Carol and I were down the mountain, we stopped in Cowan. Cowan used to be a dismal speck on the map, (the red-headed stepchild to Sewanee), but has experienced a remarkable renaissance with cute shops and art galleries. After we had a cute lunch, Carol headed for my car and her cell phone to continue her house buying negotiations. I moseyed around town. At the first gallery I entered, I asked the owner if she would consider representing me – that I could bring some paintings for her to review. I described my work, and sight unseen, she eagerly said she would love to show/sell my paintings. Well, maybe she didn’t say “love.” Just the same, let’s give this news a big *w00t*! The gallery is also classy with various artisan works.

Things are looking up. I’m walking again, getting my stuff out there, my pal might move here, and I plan to start re-working my novel, “The Night the Moon Cried.”

While in Nashville (after Carol departed *sigh*), Aunt Jean Carol and I shopped, and found the perfect sofa for my living room for $295. That’s quite a bargain these days. It’s best described as having an elegant paisley design with swirls of every imaginable color and gold outlines. I know it sounds nauseating (no duh that it was so low-priced), but my home is so funky-dunky-eclectic, it’s perfect and I’m so excited.

A cold-cold (not to be confused with a flu-cold) has settled in my nose. But life is good and I ain’t complaining. :)

*yawn* I’m starting to bore myself with this post. But of great importance: I am so very content.

Reenie here, signing off from the mountain. xoxo

P.S. I am frantically trying to catch-up with all your posts. There’s so much good writing and thoughts I want to catch up on. Also, Outta, your art is fabulous!

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