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I don’t get it. I’ve always been mindful of nutrients – the better part of my ancient days, I’ve ingested mostly fruit and veggies. I’ve drunk the recommended amounts of water, watched calories, exercised, and eaten organic to the best ability of my budget. Every bite and sip I’ve ever taken, for as long as I can remember (okay, so I have a short memory), has been monitored with propriety.

So what’s up? I’m one grape away from scurvy. My muscles are flaccid. My body is probably dangerously dehydrated – vodka doesn’t count here.

It’s probably a low-lying, subliminal ilk of depression. I’ve lost my verve for sensible dietary habits. I’ve lived alone before, and my culinary/lifestyle habits soared to impossible perfection. Now, I languish. To give you a hint, today I bought eight cans of off-brand tomato soup at 37¢ per can. Blah. What’s wrong with me? Tomato soup is not a vegetable…

Of note, my body is somewhat tolerating my misbehavior. I went to the dentist this week for my 6-month cleaning – I’m anal about that. (Somehow or another, using the words 'dentist' and 'anal' in the same sentence, gives me the shivers.)Thank God some rituals are intact. The dentist announced that my gums and teeth are in good health. My gums are a healthy pink/white, and my teeth aren’t loose and shifting. :) Although, to be a proper Mountain woman, perhaps I should lose a tooth or two. :))))))


When I left my first marriage, I was over-the-top eager to taste life, to dance through the mustard fields, lounge endless hours at my favorite café in Laguna Beach, the Zinc. To attend the opera, ballet, and Repertory Theatre productions. And I did. I also pedaled in the L.A. Marathon (sans training) despite the fact I hadn’t been on a bicycle for 30+ years. Afterwards, I walked like a cowgirl for weeks, but will never forget the thrill of the race in an L.A. rain shower. I also embraced an untapped passion for writing, and was published in several regional magazines, and was gifted a byline with a non-fiction book about Laguna Beach. I made more friends than a person deserves. I had only 2 or 3 dates in 6 years, but for the most part, didn’t give a fig – I was still having soooo much fun! And get this, I was also asked to give the eulogy for a person I had never met. I was tempted, but declined. I, at times, worked three jobs – still making my precious David my primary career. I volunteered at Laguna Beach High School at one point, creating a team of students called “Student Impact.” Its impetus was drug intervention – applying the students’ wisdom to on-site programs. We received national recognition, and for our efforts, were awarded $2,000 to apply to future programs. I learned proper museum installation – consequently, given the opportunity for intimate relations with some of the finest California Plein Aire canvases on the globe. I joined Surfriders in order to adopt a beach for clean-up. I chose Shaw’s Cove – my favorite. I did all this and so much, much, much, much, much more. When Laguna was hit with a firestorm, which incinerated 350 homes, I didn’t evacuate. I drained my meager savings and put together care packages. Amidst the rubble, I hiked the hills to provide sustenance for those who wept as they sifted through their smokey ruins.

I’ve had a rich and varied life.


My horoscope on my Adelphia homepage today:

It may not be obvious how, but this change is definitely for the better, so embrace it wholeheartedly. Understandably, you have some misgivings, but the more you see of the current developments, the happier you'll be.


This divorce is so different this time. Maybe. I’m still eager. Perhaps, because my very own mortality stares down at me – but I’m still motivated to push toward e-x-p-e-r-i-e-n-c-e…


Good news! I’ve already bored you with my cookbook sales and the canvases, which are now artfully installed in Cowan. Today, I set up my studio and intend to paint tomorrow, in order to have new canvases for a gallery in Sewanee. I also plan to finish my rewrites on my novel. And *w00t, w00t*, I passed the typing test at the university. I need a dependable income. *sigh*

I’m saving the best for last. My good pal, Carol, is moving here in March. AND, my eldest is also planning a 3-day visit. *w00t*

Life is, indeed, good.

Now if I can only circumvent scurvy.

Gotta go heat up a can of tomato soup :)

Reenie, here, signing off from the mountain. xoxo

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