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Haines' Theorum

It is certainly true that given any situation in which the logical answer to a question conflicts with an individuals sense of self-worth, the illogical resolution will be justified in whatever manner necessary.

I.E. Humans are idiots.

People will do amazing things to save face. It's all about, look at me! See how smart I am! I know everything, and if it seems to you that I don't, then you just too stupid to understand my point-of-view!

No one can simply say, "Oops, I was wrong," anymore. No, it has to be, "Well, you have to understand that at the time, I was thinking . . ."
BULLSHIT! You were wrong. Get over it. Admit that and I might cut you some slack over what you were thinking or feeling or expressing when you chose to adhere to Haines' theorum--see above--but start there. Nowhere in the test answers does it give half credit for believing you were right.

We're such a hypocritical species. We throw Charles Manson in jail for life for convincing others to kill, yet we praise God. You know, it's even worse: Charles Manson never killed anyone. Ask any religious believer if they think that God never killed anyone.

We put men and women in jail for having sex with sixteen year olds but then we broadcast a media image of teenage-youth as being the penultimate visual sexuality so that we may sell more bottles of Drakkan Noir. (Do you really want to know how many of those Cosmo cover models were twelve or thirteen when they appeared there?)

We prosecute for pot and have a drink to our moral victory.

We produce--as a county--ninety percent of the solar panels in the world. Of that ninty percent, we export ninety-five percent.

Somebody wake me the fuck up. I can't take this nightmare anymore.

Joseph Haines, signing off from The Edge of The Abyss

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