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Fifty-Three Grand for a Piece of Ass

And if you're Catholic, you paid for it!

It's called the "Tithing for Touching" plan, and it's been in force in your local parish for years now.

Wait, it gets better. I promise. I'm just starting to roll here.

Okay, let me back up . . .

The Archdiocese of Yakima, Washington issued a news release (accidentally, it appears) in which the results of a formal study on the sexual abuses by Priests within the Catholic church was detailed. The numbers and finding are not just shocking, but sickening. And still, they found room to push their own agenda at the same time.

Here are some of the facts:

--From the 1950's until 2002, over 10,667 children were sexually assaulted by over 4,392 priests.

--A reported $572,000,000.00 has been paid by the Catholic Church in legal fees, settlements and related costs pertaining to these accusations.

--This comes out to $53,623.32 spent per child.

Now, here's something else for you:

The John Jay researchers found that only 14 percent of the priests accused of abuse were reported to the police by their bishops. The rest were never reported nor were they ever investigated. Ninety-five percent were never charged with a crime. Of the 217 priests charged only 138 were convicted.

The rest are still listening to YOUR confession.

And then, just when you thought your stomach couldn't turn any more than it already had . . .

From the report: " . . .we must call attention to the homosexual behavior that characterized the vast majority of the cases of abuse observed in recent decades."

You fucking assholes. You deluded, mythology freaks need to stay the fuck away from me for a while.

What does this say? Simple. It says don't blame the priests, they're not the ones at fault. Blame the GAY priests. You know, this is akin to saying that our prisons aren't full of murders who rape their fellow inmates. It isn't the murderers fault. It's the GAY murderers. So you see, it all comes back to the evil GAY people.

Bullshit. I can't believe that these morons would actually say this. You know, Priests have access to alter BOYS! Damned religion promotes not only mysoginism, but homophobia as well and still runs around claiming how loving and caring it is.

And this at a time when we already have eighty percent of our state's legislatures trying to pass constitutional amendments that would outlaw gay marraiges.

Well, all these offenses can't be rape, can they?

The report finds that in 27 percent of the cases the cleric performed oral sex on the child. In 25 percent of the cases the cleric succeeded in or tried to penetrate the child with his penis.

Men, human men, are forced to take a vow not only of celibacy (which means only that they can not marry) but of chastity as well. Human urges don't go away. When presented with the opportunity in an environment in which only 5 percent of those accused ever face charges, they take it.

And yes, one last parting comment from the report:

"The problem facing the church was not caused by church doctrine, and the solution does not lie in questioning doctrine."

Then where does it lie?

Please remember where your tithings are going the next time the collection plate comes before you.

You drink of his blood; you eat of his flesh.

They fuck your children.

And you pay for it.

Joseph Haines, signing off from The Edge of the Abyss.

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