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It's a movement in the world

Okay, about me. First and foremost I am not very good at grammer and punctuation. I blame my education and my lack of getting the motivation in learning the in's and out's of such things since I don't quite have to be severe about it, Yet. Just a warning.

Anyways, I am a puter geek, game geek, Anime lover and mac slave. Simply put Geek. As for other details I'm told funny, cute (that one is hard to belive for me still:) ), and fun to have around. I'm engaged to K-Spot. She will make a blog and I'll let you know how to find it later. I have 2 Chinchildren, Chinchillas really but they be my babies. Ryo-oh-oki and Chico. I am working at, I will admit it Qwest because so far I'm happy there, and by how things are going I will be there for a long time. You just gotta love a place that as long as you do your job you can have a game system at your cubicle.

I am going to attempt the writer thing. I have many ideas for stories and it's been successful for my sister. I'm not as skilled as her but I know I get paid like she did if the story is good and if someone likes it. (No I'm not in it for the money I'm in it for the sharing, but money is always good.)

Okay enough about me, how about I talk about what's been going on.

Okay it's the first week of my future at Qwest, they are a phone company and the call center I'm at is the best in the company. Our trainer says so and he's from the main office and has just heard stories. So this building must be doing something right. I've met many people all very different and very real. It looks to be that I will most likely interacting more with, who I will call, Captain Jack, Momma Goth, and A.L. (til she finds a more fitting name)

Okay, Captain Jack is about 5'5", he describes himself as a Pirate with mad Ninja skills. He's a kick. Momma Goth is an old school goth, 27 and kids. Amazing at cake decorating as we found out in our pot luck. A.L. is an artist, she's just learning the Anime world due to her husband. (For Joy!) She made an amazing Pam - The spirit of service wonder goddess. I will explain her later. There are others in the group that is our team when we officially hit the floor in December. We have our cliques but we are together in my eyes (Though others yesterday fought about how we are in no way a team).

I joined the Union, might as well get the people who will fight for our side when something screwy happens, even though if I don't join the union they will still fight for me, to a point.

Read? Yes I do, but not as much as I want to. I think I'll go hunt down that story that is several characters long in reading that was done by the cyberpunk.chatsubo newsgroup. That's how you can get the anthologies. I suggest at least the first one, bad editing but good stories. I have yet to read the second one.

Anyways, That's it for now for I have a hankering for Chatsubo stories.

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