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Later that day

Okay so it's been announced to the world that I have a blog by EG(who also welcomed me to the journalscape orgy. mmmm orgy). And Rice has been having fun ranting about triples.

Today I soaked in hot water due to achy back due to achy car accident. Anyways i went to my bed and watched Transformers cybertron (drool) on cartoon network and zonked out. Yay sleep. I awoke to K-Spot calling due to boredom at work. We all hate it and we all call our loved ones/friends to pass the time. I know I do. As I sit here feeling my shortened less blonded hair I sit and think dang I need a drink, and wonder what would happen to the world if I made kool-aid or just got water.

Anyways, like i promised I have to explain Pam - The Spirit of Service Wonder Goddess. (As called by Milk, who was our trainer, and yes that's his nick name due to his last name Milkowski.)

Ye project on the Second day of training (Also known as Tuesday), involved us making a Superhero who could represent Qwest. I had seen some lame attempts and knock offs around the training rooms and awaited what we could pull out of our butts.

Well I voted myself right off to help with ideas since I am not able to draw at all well. So along with the other 6 at my table we ended up with some commonalities between us that would fit our Hero of Service.

Since four of us knew what Invader Zim was and worshiped yon Gir we wanted him there. Captain Jack suggested a Ninja in his favorite color, Ninja Nightshade Purple. Unfortunately the fruity smelling markers didn't have that shade. A.L. started drawing a womanly figure on a throne. I came up with some obscure weapon name and she drew it. Someone came up with another obscure weapon and I named it and she drew it. We came up with a name for the robot assistant of hers since we very well couldn't use the name Gir. I wouldn't wanna be sued and just started a job. We then put the robot on the woman's shoulder and colored her in. Yes purple did get used, it smelled like grape! A question came up of what name, so making sure I was useful I pulled into the weird world that lives in my butt and pulled out Pam.

Thus Pam was born and her assistant robot ESX. (ESX in the Qwest world refers to Caller ID. The name will also make more sense here in a second).
Pam has an attractive personality which she hypnotizes customers with. She has a tiara of vision which gives her a third eye to also see what the customers need is. She has the Kitana of Passion and the Whip of Discipline. And she sits on her Throne of Service. All this she uses to fight the competition and to beat mislead views of the company. All in all I think this Sexual Inuendo of comedy (for milk laughed for over 10 minutes over her) was a job well done. Me and my team think so as well. The other team did milkbone a female dog with superpowers as well that does a lot of the same as Pam. Mlkbone's slogan was The Customer Comes First. I'm glad that we didn't use that and stuck with Spirit of service, for we may have lost our jobs going that far.

Okay I'm off to take care of something that was told to do by EG and I think I shall take her up on it. But first mmmmm pizza.

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