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ethereal madness (wink wink...now I made a cool title like NICKI! My hero. *sigh*)

The short story is in the six page mark and I got a strong seal of approval from another writer out of DuPage County with INSECT. I am going to be picking up her book on Lulu when I get the chance next month.
Oh wow! A seal of approval from another author that uses lulu.com where you don't have to pay a penny to have no one read your work. You must be so proud.

In fact she is going to have a slot on the anthology; I got an email from that author and she said to me that she will have a story for it later on within the week.
I'd pity her, like I do the rest of your "anthology mates", Pigboy, but since she's previously worked with lulu.com, she knows what she's getting in to.

I am very pleased to see I am close to getting done with the anthology.
Yes, you're very close to putting out a book that no one but the authors and your mommy will read. Good for you.

Though I will say there is one "writer" out there who has a complaint with me already -- but I will say if he has any complaints with me take it up with me via email.
And who's that? See, I'd like to know, because so far I've liked every writer that you've "ripped on" and has every writer who's disagreed with your philandering ways. So, Nicki, I thank you for bringing even more wonderful people in to my life.

Then for that one blowhard who calls me semi-literate, kiss my ass.
Let me rewrite that for you, honey. "Then for that one smarter-than-me person who calls me semi-literate, please stop because I can't stand hearing the truth."

I am planning to bring back a website that I did publish stories on of other writers but how I would do it is the question.
Perhaps with the same shitty web design you're so well known for?

Mr. Purefield's won't be on this new site when I get it done. How he managed to get paid for his work is beyond me.
Somehow, I don't imagine that he'd want any part of your little eyesore, Nicki.

Just by being myself I tend to make enemies no matter what I say or do.
Yes, because you're a disgusting, foul little bigot that attacks everyone who doesn't suck his dick.

And seems like some of them involved will see to it that I will never become published; but I will always find a way to put my work out there even it is having to put it out myself.
Which of course is the ONLY way you can get your work out there.

I will say being self-published can be something more worth while than kissing the ass of a paying publisher.
Only because you can't take criticism. If you could, you'd probably understand that writing something worthwhile and working with editors and the other proper people that will help iron out all the kinks, and then finally putting something into this world that you not only created, but created well is far more worthwhile than signing up at lulu.com.

So this will be my message to the HWA president -- shut the hell up if you don't like what I write and don't make it where I will never get published just because I told you that you were an elitist bastard. I don't give a shit what you have to think of me but also I think of you as some asshole who doesn't like when they are challenged. Just because I was willing to cuss someone out just because I don't like the way things are. I want to see the guidelines changed to welcome self-published authors if not I will have to form something of my own for self-published horror writers. Because what I see out there now being printed for pay isn't as good as what is self-published.
So, you attack the man, and then you want him to change the HWA just for you? Get real. Don't you know, Pigboy, that you attract more flies with honey than vinegar? Although, even if you were as sweet as an apple pie, no one is going to change something that big just for you. So, go create your own little site where nobodies like you can sit around and talk about how cruel the writing industry is to you all. I doubt it'll be any skin off of any professional writer's back.

I will say that Mr. Purefield's work isn't something that deserves to be published. I am going to say that right now because he is running his mouth about me on a message board.
And you run your mouth everywhere that you can, as often as you can. So, by your own standards, you don't deserve publication either.

I will give him a review that isn't as nice as some of the other ones he was given. If I was the editor who he sent a story of his to -- the story he would have would be published all right, in the round file.
So, I've been wondering, did you actually read it? See, because you didn't really read Self-Made Man, by Poppy, yet you told her that that's how she should write because it doesn't contain all that "faggot shit". Yet, of course, if you'd read it...Well...you probably would've spent the day holed up in the bathroom pulling on your tiny cock.

Much as that asshole who is the HWA president would say of my work but honestly I don't care what the asshole has to say.
Yes. Yes you do. Because you wouldn't waste so much time on him if you didn't care what he said. And you know it. So, play tough all you want. We all know the truth.

If he was any form of a Christian he would not be supporting Poppy Z. Brite, and I want to see him rebut this on his journal.
And, we return to the ever talented Ms. Brite. Nicki, don't you know that there are many different kinds of Christians in this world? There are the hypocritical, extra vile creatures like yourself, and then there are the ones who follow scriptures such as "judge not, lest ye be judged", and "love thy neighbor". See, Nick, in my humble opinion, and from everything that I've learned over the years from the many wonderful Christians in my life, you're the one that's not a Christian. See, you run around being (or trying to be) cruel to everyone that crosses your path. Whatever happened to that "turn the other cheek" bit? You're violent, you're mean, you don't follow the "rules" yourself. You're not a Christian. You're a hypocrite.

I am not ripping on the assocation just taking a pot shot on him as a person. He made some bad judgements of me and for that I will say to him that he can go blow himself.
Yes, because your judgements about people are always wonderful and pristine, aren't they? News for ya, Nicki. No bigot's judgements are perfect. Most of the time (as is the case with your judgements), they're not even warranted.

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