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100% pure sappy goodness

I'm feeling strangely sentimental today. =/

I've been thinking back on the past year+ and what it's brought in to my life. More specifically, what Nicki has brought in to my life.

Because of Nicki, there are now two people in my life that I hold very dear to my heart. Both incredibly wonderful people that I trust fully, and can't wait to go on vacation with.

Because of Nicki, I've also met people that I respect and like very much. Strong, witty, wonderful people. I feel fortunate to have them in my life, even on such a small scale.

In short, because of Nicki, I've met friends, and acquaintances, and people that I look up to.

So, as worthless as he is in most ways, and as horrible he is, I can't say that I regret running in to him. He's brought entertainment. He's also, unfortunately, done things to hurt me and mine, but he...in his own "special" way, has enriched my life, by giving me the company of many good people.

And Nick, don't think that this means that I'm backing off, or that I've had a change of heart and decided to be nice. Nothing here was written for your benifit, but for my own.

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