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My baby is ONE!
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Yesterday was Alex's first birthday. I have no idea where the past year has gone. He's such a big boy!

We had a big party for him with all his cousins, aunts, uncles, etc. And the poor baby got sick. He threw up once in the morning, but seemed fine after, so I thought it was a one time thing. So, we still had the party. Shortly after the party started, he threw up all over. He got a little feverish, but it was hard to tell, considering that it was about 90 degrees out. He threw up a few more times, but was able to hold down his milk by the end of the day. (Boy am I glad I'm still nursing him! It's the only thing he's wanted to or been able to eat for 2 days now.)

He fell asleep in his Nana's arms and slept through everything, even the singing of Happy Birthday and the birthday cake. Oh well... at least we saved him a piece for when he feels better. One of his gifts was a ride-on Mickey Mouse plane and after he was feeling a little better, the boys had a ball with it. Alex sat on it and Marc pushed him all over the backyard. Very cute. :)

Alex has quite a few words now. Almost everything is "guh GUH!" but he has a "Gee guh" for "kitty cat" and then he meows. :D He also says "bah" for ball, mama, "puh" for Pooh, "sna" for snack, "caca" for cracker, "buh buh" for our cat (his name is Byron, but we call him Bubbie - yiddish for grandmother *shrug*)

Apparently, yesterday I missed his first 2 steps. I've seen him take a half step, moving one foot attempting the other and collapsing. But yesterday he was outside with his grandparents and took two steps. :(

Happy birthday to my baby!!!

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