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My funny boy
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Yesterday we were all in the car and Marc was reading his books in his car seat. He's telling Marcelo about something in his book.

Marc: Look, Daddy, this is number 1
Marcelo (not paying attention): Uh-huh
Marc: See, it's number one, like this. Look at my finger. (holding up one finger)
Marcelo (looking at him): That's the number one?
Marc: No, that's a finger.

His favorite book for awhile now has been a photo encyclopedia/reference book of aquatic life. It's not a kids' book - it's for adults and is 8 1/2 x 11 and a good 350 pages long. As he reads, he can accurately name a good number of fish in the book. Yesterday he was pointing out the hagfish, lampreys, and groupers. In one of the pictures, he informed us that that kind of fish keeps its eggs in its mouth to protect them from other fish, and he was correct! He knew that from another book I'd read to him that had that kind of fish in it (an ugly toad looking fish) at least 6 months ago. He really amazes me.

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