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Lots of words
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At Alex's doctor appointment, I was asked whether he could say 3 words - mama, dada, and one other word which is what's expected for development at his age. Here's a list of what he can say!

Mommy, Mama, Dada, Puppy ("buh-puh"), Papa, Tata, Nana, Grammy (but he calls her Baba), Ava (his best friend), Pooh, Bubie (our nickname for our cat), bus, book, belly button, Elmo, hat, ball, apricot, snack, cheese("djee"), shoe("djoo"), train("tay"), choo-choo (with the associated whistle pulling motion), car, water, agua, meow, woof-woof, tweet-tweet, quack-quack, moo, bubbles, poo poo, pee pee, that, mine, up, down, all done, thank you, bear, cracker, more, hi, outside, bottle, binky, no, baby, kitty cat ("gee-guh"), bye bye, Nemo, more, uh-oh, boat, bird, please, thank you, whee, banana

(Notice the number of these words that begin with the "buh" sound. When he was younger, everything was "buh", but now that he's started saying more words, the ones that start with a "buh" sound are easiest for him to say. For example, boat is pronounced "bow" and ball is "baw", bus and book are both just "buh" but with slightly different inflections)

He can also sign milk, please, thank you, and more.

He can sign one sentence and say one sentence. He signs "More please" and can say "Hi Dada!" (or "hi papa" or whoever he happens to be talking to, particularly when pretending to call someone on my phone)

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