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What he wants to be when he grows up
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My baby's mind has been poisoned by his father! Marcelo has had his heart set on one of his kids flying for the Navy since before they were even born. Because that's what he wanted to do and couldn't because his eyes weren't good enough. *sigh* Of course I'm of the opinion that they can do whatever they want to do that makes them happy, but Marcelo's been planting seeds.

Last weekend, we were at Disneyland and measured Marc to see if he'd reached the height requirement for Soarin' over California and Star Tours (40 inches). He's been waiting for months and months, asking when he's going to be 40 inches. He finally reached it, so I took him on Soarin' over California which is a really cool simulator type ride that is like hang gliding. When we got off the ride, he said "I can't wait to be a pilot and fly a plane!" (he was also admiring the space shuttle pictures inside the queue). Yesterday, he was watching an episode of Justice League Unlimited where an alien space ship lands and the military comes in and needs to be rescued by super heroes. He told me "I'm going to be a soldier and fly a helicopter!". I tried to explain to him that he could fly a helicopter without being a soldier, but he would have none of it. "No, Mommy, I'm going to be a soldier to fly a helicopter!"

But, then again - this morning he told me he wants to be the Green Lantern and be in the Justice League because they're the good guys. Hey, I wanted to be the Incredible Hulk when I was his age, so I guess he comes by it naturally. lol

*NOTE: When I wrote this entry, I totally didn't even realize I was writing it on Veterans' Day. And while I think that being a soldier and serving our country is an incredibly admirable thing to do, it's not what I want for my sons.

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