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I'll take, "What the &%^%", for 100, Alex.

I had a really bad experience in my martial arts class last night. I'm not exactly sure why it happened, but I have theories. The basic situation is: older instructor used to be the main teacher, younger instructor was brought in, now younger instructor is main teacher.

I'm getting ready to test for Purple belt this weekend, so normally I would just work on my test material the whole class period. The older instructor spent a bunch of time teaching my partner techniques (which is unusual, usally we just practice the techniques for the person who is testing). Then when I finally asked if I could work on my techniques, he told me to go work on my short forms.

After I did that for while, I asked if I could work on my techniques, and he started performing all of the techniques on ME. Which doesn't help at all, since I learned them differently from Do Joo Nim (the creator of the art). On top of that, he's doing them REALLY hard and starting to hurt me. So I spoke up and asked him to ease up a bit, and he really didn't. So, I told him I was afraid of getting hurt before my test. So then he had me stand to the side and he continued going through the techniques with my partner while I stood and watched.

I was a really frustrating night.. I'm going to call the younger instructor today and let him know what happened. It's not right that I'm made to stand there literally doing nothing, especially right before a belt test.

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