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Making it through

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Weird Week

This week has been pretty hard at times. I've been dealing with a lot of external problems all at once and it's been quite overwhelming. We've had problems with our mail server, so JournalScape wasn't working properly. Email to Jenn and I were just getting dropped without any chance of recovery, Jenn's company website was down, starting a new job (which included some pretty terrible commutes), etc, etc.


Well, I think I finally have the mail server working properly. JournalScape emails are going out. I can send and receive email. The Slangman office can send and receive email. I got the DNS for all of the remaining websites moved away from my old ISP to the new one, and I've put up the websites. Granted, they are backups from September (I'm still waiting on the current backups to be retrieve).. but most of the sites are fairly static so we aren't missing much.

There are still two big problems when it comes to the slangman website, but I'll be fixing those as best I can as fast as I can.

So.. the new job. It seems really good so far. I've decided to shift my commute schedule to really early (leaving around 6:15 am) to dodge traffic before and after work. I'm not a fan of getting up early, but when the choice is between an 30 minute commute and a 90 minute commute there is no question.

I share a corner office with two other guys. It's a big space, so I'm not cramped and I get to look out of both windows. It was really beautiful watching the rain all day on Friday.

I haven't done any coding for the new company yet, but that's understandable since I'm still trying to learn about their systems. So far they've had me evaluating some code they purchased and giving my recommendations.


I don't really know how to spell it, but they have a fooz ball table at work. Every once in awhile, a person will walk in and just make this wrist gesture which is the universal sign for, "Hey, let's go play fooz ball." They tell me I'm pretty good at it, but before this I had only played like 2 or 3 times when I was around 15 or 16. *shrug* Good hand-eye coordination is my friend I guess. :) They say that merit-raises are based on my fooz ball performance, so that bodes well. :)

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