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A little Freaked Out

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Welcome to Scary Co-Incidence Day

I was just at lunch with a co-worker and as we were looking for a table I saw this woman that I swear I knew from college. For some reason though, I didn't go over to ask, which is very unlike me... but maybe I'm a little more cautious in general with the new job and everything. *shrug* Anyway... we found a table with one woman sitting at it, so we asked if we could join her because there were no other tables in the place. She happily accepted and my co-worker started a pleasent conversation with her. As I'm sitting there, I hear my name said behind me and my brain immediately thinks, "Woah, I wonder if that is her and she recognized me too!" I turn around and... it's a completely different person who I knew in college (sort of an ex-girlfriend, but I don't know if we were ever "an item").

We exchanged pleasentries, she apparently works at a researching firm across the street and has been married for 2 and a half years. After a short conversation with her, I sit back down at the table with my co-worker and the woman just in time to hear the part of their conversation where they realize that they went to high school together. He graduated one year before her.

*blink blink*

Dude, things are getting weird.

I'm personally hoping that it is actually Scary Co-incidence Day and not High Improbability Day, because I don't relish being struck by a meteor. Although winning the lottery might be nice... I guess that would rely on whether or not it was High Unpleasent Improbability Day.

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