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Sick to my Stomach

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The Most Terrible Thing

I wish I could show you the video that goes along with
this story from the BBC. Look through the more images section.

This weekend I saw one of the worst/best news reports about the war on the BBC. US forces performed an airstrike on a Kurdish caravan that contained US Special Forces and a BBC embedded reporter.

When they started playing the footage, we could see vehicles on fire and hear people screaming as the camera person was running for cover and diving into the grass. At one point the camera person's blood dropped onto the lens of the camera from the wounds he endured in the attack (image 4 of 10 in the more images section)

Explosions continued to happen after the airstrike as munitions in the burning vehicles started to cook off, and the reporter and camera person had to get up and run for cover again.

Then they realized that their translator wasn't with them and starting frantically looking around for him. They found him with severe leg wounds from shrapnel, US medics tried to save him but couldn't do it.

It was terrible.

More US citizens who back this war need to see these images like this to truely understand what they are encouraging. Whether you agree or not that in the end, the sacrafice is worth getting rid of Saddam Hussein, you need to know this isn't a "Shock and Awe" situation where the US just runs rampant over the country and seizes it easily. It's dirty, it's ugly, and it's not something to be proud of.

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