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feeling like a jackass

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Sarcasm... not my friend.

On Monday night, I accidentally left my cell phone at the West LA dojang. *smacks forehead* Ian, one of the instructors was very nice when Jenn called and he told her that he would hold onto the phone for me.

So, I show up Tuesday and thank him very much for holding it and apologize for leaving it. He starts joking around saying, "It's ok, I'll make you a deal. Either you can do 30 knuckle pushups or you can just waive all of the long distance calls I made." I joke back with him that I'll take the calls since I have free long distance. We go back and forth a couple of times and he makes a joke about getting a call at 6:30am that wakes him up. All friendly fun.

Then he mentions the pushups again during class... and then he mentions them again after class. My brain apparently isn't functioning at this point. On my way out the door, he says, "You know, I wasn't kidding about those pushups."


So, I apologize profusely, hit the floor and do my pushups. I TOTALLY missed that he was joking with me. I'm really just starting to get to know him, so my sarcasm filter is apparently not properly tuned. I apologize again for not realizing he was serious and head on my head.

Later in the day, I notice that I have a voice mail waiting on the phone... it's from a co-worker telling me that he's sick and won't make it in asking me to pass the message to our manager... timestamp? 6:30am.....


I'm such a jackass... I called the dojang immediately, but he wasn't available so I asked Olivia to pass another apology along to him and I'll be deliever some in person on Thursday. *shakes head*

Kenny <--- jackass

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