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Totally Fricking Stoked!

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Thank you Captain Segway

Friday, Google flew us up to the HQ for a "get to know you" kind of thing. Information sharing, people networking, etc.


One of the personally coolest things that happened all day, was that I got to ride a Segway!!! It was SOOO fricking cool. A bunch of co-workers took pictures (I, like a dumbass, forgot my camera), so I'll post some pics when I get them.

They had a huge Island themed BBQ with like 5 huge grills and free flowing alcohol (I usually never drink, but I decided to indulge... damn 240 lbs of Kenny doesn't make for an easy road to tipsy-ville though). I walked around making a point not to talk to anyone from my company so that I was only introducing myself to Googlers. I met a lot of great and friendly people.

We toured the whole place and it's just totally and wonderfully ludicrous. It is the dream place to work, where the wacky environments of geeks are indulged and making the world a better place is more important than making money.

They introduced every one of us personally to the company at a meeting later in the day, with fun facts about each person... we played foos ball with the local foos addicts... so much fun!!

The more I learn about Google, the more astonished I am at how amazing and benevolent the company is and the luckier I feel to now be a Googler.

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