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HRD Day 2: Day of Darkness

I was afraid this morning. The schedule had us doing 6 hours of "Full Contact." Hmm.. Full Contact doesn't sound healthy to Kenny.. especially after Kenny asks Master Lee what exactly "Full Contact" means, because the response was "Full Contact fighting is not about point sparring. You win by knock out."


I am ok though, thankfully it was Full Contact Instruction, i.e. the basic concepts and strategies of Full Contact fighting and how to teach them to students. *phew* While it wasn't an ass wuppin' fest, I still walked away in pain. My shoulders were jacked, so freaking tight you'd swear they were solid bone. This did bad things to my concentration and general attitude the rest of the day.

Later in the evening, we learned a TON more techniques. I'm up to all 20 of the first set and 18 out of 35 of the next set. I have a feeling that I'm going to learn all of my techniques this week. It's crazy, but practicing multiple hours every day (and I'll still have till November) just might work.

I have to sleep now... or at least try to, my head is killing me.

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