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HRD Day 3: To Suck or Not to Suck?

This morning started with an impromptu history lesson. Master Lee talked about the martial arts goings-on in South Korea in the 1960's. Interesting stuff.

Then we moved on to grappling. Grappling (wrestling on the ground) sort of fell out of the cirriculum when Hwa Rang Do came to the US because Amercians didn't like rolling around on the ground. With the huge popularity of arts like Gracie Jiujitsu though, people are getting over their dislike. So, it's time to put it back in the cirriculum. I've only grappled a few times before but I've never known what the hell I was doing. I didn't even have basic concepts. I knew I needed to make my opponent give up, but how? *shrug* beats me.

Well, 6 hours of grappling later, I understand! I'm certainly not phenomenal at it, but I feel I have a strong understanding of the basic concepts now. The grappling that we were working on today was mostly sport style grappling, not fighting. So, it was according to certain rules and such.

Later, more techniques (only 2 today) but lots of time spent on the 25 we learned in the last two days. That made me really happy. I didn't feel like I really knew them at all yet, because I hadn't done them again and again.

Then, Do Joo Nim comes in and tells everyone to grab their Ssang Jyel Bong (Nunchaku for the Japanese inclined) and head into the parking lot, where there is lots of space. We then spent an hour and a half going over the Ssang Jyel Bong form (basic movements, details, etc). It was excellent. Tiring sure, but what a relief to be out of the dojang into the fresh air. Yeah, I'm sweating up a storm, but my sweat is actually able to do its job! (For those not in the know, sweat isn't all about releasing heat from your body, it's about putting water on your skin so that when air passes by the water gets cold and cools your body.) Finally, we're done.

Or are we, DJN has us move onto the Jang Bong (Long Stick... i.e. Staff). Then another hour and a half of that. Grueling work, but OH SO MUCH FUN. Another hour and a half of sword form after this.... we finished around 11:30... or should I say I finished.

Let's back up, because this is the part that makes me proud of myself.

During the Jang Bong session, we are broken up into two groups. Those who have no clue and those who have clue (I'm in the have clue section). DJN assigns a 3rd degree Instructor to lead each of the groups. We practice and practice. Then DJN calls me over out of the group and tells me to go over to one of the 2nd degree Instructors (in the no clue group) and help them. *blink blink* Seriously? NICE! I was totally walking on air (even though I was hesitant about walking up to someone who outranks me and offering them help). If Do Joo Nim thinks I'm good enough at the form to help a 2nd degree, I must be doing something right.


If that weren't enough, it gets better. Now, it actually seems to get worse for just a moment, but redemption is swift, so stay with me.

After we move onto sword form, we learn the little details and changes from what we previously learned and it's all good. DJN does a section that he teaches directly about how to pull the sword out and put it back in (a VERY VERY important aspect of sword fighting). Good stuff, the man is amazing to watch. He was freaking vicious with a sword.

Now the bad part... at around 11:15, DJN says that he has to go, but that every has to stay and continue practicing until they have completely learned the form. He doesn't care if it takes all night, no sleep until you learn. Then he singles me out of the huge crowd of people, yelling across the parking lot, "Kenny, if you tired, you can go." Nice. He might as well have said, "Kenny, I know your a total pussy, so it's ok to go home like a wuss because you're too tired."

I tried to let it roll of my back by adding a little humor to it and kept practicing. He went inside to get his things and when he came back out he repeated the instruction. No one leaves until they know the form. Then he does it again. "Except Kenny, if you tired, you can go." *shakes head* Everyone in the parking lot starts laughing (its not really as cruel as it sounds). Then DJN realizes he's being misunderstood and says, "No, no, Kenny can go because he knows the form."

*blink* *blink*

Color me stunned. He singled me out of the group to say I could go home because I knew the form. I'm really happy he feels that way, because I felt that way too. The weapons forms really seem to be coming to me recently. I felt strong doing the sword form and it's just so awesome that when my 10th degree Master looks at me doing the form he thinks, "Good."

:) *happy sigh*

Home with Jenn now, happy cuddling in bed. Good night.

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