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HRD Day 4: Beating Steven

.. and the good times keep on coming. :)

This conferance really is an amazing experience. I think I want to try to do this every year! I've often said that I feel I'm not tapping my potential in the martial arts arena because most of my Instructors have been 1st degree. In Hwa Rang Do, the title for 1st Degree is "Assistant Instructor," for good reason. 1st Degree teachers still aren't polished enough to really take on that reponsibility. Obviously, we've got Do Joo Nim, but he's a busy man and can't be bothered to be there all the time. However, this entire week I am surrounded by Do Joo Nim 3rd and 4th Degree Instructors who are all there specifically to learn and to help teach. It's totally awesome! (Can you tell I'm happy?)

Today's main dish was Kumdo, sport bamboo sword fighting (also known as Kendo in Japanese). The kind of thing where you put on bigWe learned stances and how to hold weapons, we practiced some strikes in the air and against bags etc. My left foot has the biggest red sore spot on the ball of the foot due to those stances. Bad stances! Bad! I'm sending you to bed without your dinner!

After lunch, we did some Kumdo sparring, which consisted of the whole class (one by one) stepping up to an armored student (only 4 students and Master Lee had armor) and whacking them! :) Since we didn't have armor, they didn't get to fight back. Only defend. WHACK WHACK WHACK WHACK! Steven was one of the giving students wearing the armor who let us smack them around, so give it up for Steven. :) It had to endure 29 Kumdo matches (around 1-2 minutes each) in a row. It had to be hot in that armor.

Then more techniques, more forms, and a photo shoot! A photographer was brought in to take professional pictures of the whole group and the individual participants. I've looked better than I will in this picture. Unshaven, some small acne, hair all askew. ah well. :)

Another good day! Woo!

I wonder if this is what it is like to just be a martial artist. if I wasn't a software geek with a regular day job. Just spending all my time learning to bad-ass from a bunch of bad-asses (yes, I used bad-ass as a verb, deal).

I know I'm gushing in these entries, but I'm just so freaking stoked about all this stuff. Thank you for putting up with me and reading all the way through. :)

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