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HRD Day 5: Just one hand

Today was suprisingly empty. We sat around and listened to Master Lee and Do Joo Nim speak for a long time (about 6 hours long). However, we did have two really awesome sessions, one on Police Defense and Arresting tactics and another on Hand Acupuncture.

In the police tactics, DJN told us that he wants all of the Instructors to go to their local Police departments and volunteer to teach officers special techniques for disabling and arresting those who don't want to come quietly. Just about everything he showed us involved using one finger to drive someone to the ground with immediate results. Which finger? Their finger. :) Just grab and push the right way and it doesn't matter how big or strong they are... WHAM. Perp, I'd like you to meet the ground.

We also practiced gun retention techniques. Apparently, a lot of cops are killed each year with their own weapon. Criminals will take the weapon from them and shoot them, so weapon retention is extremely important. So we practiced having someone grab at our gun (fake gun in a hip holster) and from there the key words are: REGULATE. :) The wrist is such a powerful weapon. :)

Then we did Hand Acupuncture! Apparently all of the main points on the body can be represented on the hands. It's a very simple way to perform acupunture on yourself in places that you can't reach. More acute problems need direct attention, but the hand can do great things.

It's actually sort of freakish though because the charts he gave us had little faces drawn on the hand. Apparently the hand is an exact representation of the body. The middle finger is your head and neck, the pointer and ring finger are your arms and the thumb and pinky are your legs. If you draw a little face on your middle finger (a little nose, two eyes) those are actually the points that relate to your eyes and nose. It's weird! Having pain on your left knee, then the knuckle on your pinky (left hand) is where the needle goes. It's freakin' weird! I'll see if I can scan one of the diagrams and share the horror. Everytime I look at my hand now, I feel like it's staring back at me.

DJN also did a demonstration of cupping, which is the practice of using suction cups on the skin. He showed us techniques to determine someone's health and ways to help the body heal better using them. It's too bad I don't have a set of cups. Oh wait, he's selling them to me tomorrow! :) NICE!

There are still events tomorrow and one on Sunday, but this was really the last day of the conference from a learning perspective.

It's been such an amazing experience, I honestly loved it. I feel like I'm a better martial artist, I worked out for hours and hours, I learned techniques for better health, I met and became friends with people from all over the world.

I want to do this every year!

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