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Real World Advice from Ender Wiggan

I just got back from playing Paintball, it was a lot of fun. No real bruises or anything. We played at a place called "Hollywood Sports" which is funny because it's not in Hollywood.... and by "it's not in Hollywood" I mean it's in Compton.

The place was actually really nice, good facilities, quick reloading of games etc, except the refs SUCKED. I actually caught a ref cheating, telling members of the other team where our guys were hiding. There were many complaints during the day, I don't think we'll be going back there.

The advice from Ender goes something like this...

In the second skirmish in the Battle Room, Ender's commander told him to sit in the corner and not play. Ender's team was destroyed and a small group of the enemy were about to pass through the gate and win the game. Ender disobeyed orders and picked off a couple of them because they didn't even know he was there, ending the game in a tie instead of a loss.

So, at the paint ball field. There was a set of catacombs with small windows in each of the walls that provided a neat location to hide or fight in. I wasn't able to advance through the catacombs (because I'm not that good), so I decided to park myself in a tight corner outside of the last wall against the edge of the field.

One of the hardcore players on the other team picked off each of our guys as he worked through the catacombs. He moved up so far he was literally on the other side of the wall from me (the wall had tiny holes in it) but he didn't see me because he was looking at other guys on my team. I sat and waited so afraid he was going to see me or turn around, but he decided to move forward finally. I stood up, shot him in the back and dropped back down. :)

It was my first real confirmed frag and I got one of the pros (he was one of the guys who play professionally and is sponsored by some company). :)

Woo! Thank you, Ender!

(of course the jerk then told his partner behind him that I was there, which is against the rules because he was 'dead'.. but I saw so many infractions like that I can't imagine there is anything that will really change the situation)

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