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This isn't where I thought I was going to be when I looked forward into my life, but here I am....

Yes We Can

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Greg and Lisa Revealed

I forgot to mention that I finally got to meet Greg and Lisa on Friday!

They invited me to a Halloween / Dead of the Dead party. They are both really good people. I enjoyed talking to both of them and had a lot of fun. :) My mental picture of Lisa was right on (lots of fun, a good strong layer of sarcasm right under the surface usable at her discretion) but Greg's a lot more shall we say, "agressively outspoken" than I envisioned. :)

The party was really cool too, the host and hostess provided their home and really nice spread of food. For the Day of the Dead aspect of the party they setup an alter for pictures and candles for the dead. I meant to bring a picture of Stuart but with so much going on before the party I totally forgot.

Oh, did I mention that my costume for the party was Greg? heh. The look in his eyes when I turned around after putting on my glasses and sandals was absolute fear. heh. He was a good sport though, on the way to the party he taught me how to cuss like him so I could properly be "Greg"

I enjoyed talking to everyone there, they were all gamers so they are my peeps. Lots of people had many good things to say about JournalScape too, so that's always nice to hear. :)

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