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This isn't where I thought I was going to be when I looked forward into my life, but here I am....

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Goals vs. Resolutions

At dinner last night with Ken and Shelley, we had a discussion about the difference between a goal and a resolution. Ken likes to set goals for the year instead of resolutions, because he feels a goal is something that you can continually be making progress toward and a resolution is more a binary, yes-no, contract. Regardless of your thoughts on the topic, it did make me think. Several of my resolutions last year were more like goals.. a task to complete as opposed to a general change in my way of life. So, I'm going to split them up into two categories for this year.


Officially Launch JournalScape - I certainly want to add many features to JournalScape this year (in fact I'm almost done with a really neat change... not a visible one though... sorry).

Solidify HRD Color Sash Knowledge - I will often stumble in class when a student asks me a question about a technique or a basic combination. I want to be able to answer questions correctly and right away.


Finish Things - I tried this last year and failed. I have a tendancy to start a project and see it through until about 80%, at which point I generally tend to lose interest or get tired and stop working on it.

Remember Things - I have major trouble remebering appointments and whatnot. For example, I'm going to a friend's party on the 6th, which is this upcoming Tuesday. Usually, I'll remember it's on the 6th, but I won't correlate the 6th with Tuesday, so I might make plans with a friend for "Tuesday night" and not realize that I've already got a conflict. I've tried a bunch of stuff, but have yet to find a solution that seems to work for more than 2 months. I'll try a bunch more stuff

Eat Less - I'm joining Ken in his attempt to change eating habits. He forwarded an interesting study that relates obesity to portion size. That we keep eating until we get a visual cue (the empty plate) that we are done. So, I'm going to try to eat smaller portions through personal choice and by putting less on my plate.

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