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Happy New Year!

What's on tap for me? Lots of stuff.

In order of importance, more or less:

- Changing work, one way or another; next week I'm going to speak with my boss about taking the summer off (at least a good part of it) to do either archaeology or panoramas. I *need* to do some travelling, so either reason would be okay. I'll report back what she says and we'll go from there.

- Producing some virtual tours, regardless of the above aspect; some can be done with local subjects. I have to finish the demo CD, get it out to people, and have them let me shoot their location and produce the CD-ROM tour of it to sell.

- Remodelling house projects, including installation of a tile floor in the guest bathroom and putting tile on the patio. Also, making a decision about beautifying the yard wall, dealing with an aging sprinkler system, planting better grass, tiling the kitchen floor, replacing aging carpet in multiple rooms, and hiring a surveyor to see who owns the trees out back.

- Losing some weight, down to 160; I hope family and friends will help with that somewhat, especially with a regard to binging when friends and good food are found together.

- Doubling up Becky's first-year miles; in 2003 she went from 0 to 2339 miles; for 2004 I would like to put at least 4600 more on her. That will be tough if travelling during the summer, but it's a low priority goal. Continuing to commute to CSUN via bike will help, however, so it will be what it will be.

- Continuing toward the GIS Certificate; all set for doing this in the spring. Further progress will depend on whether I stay with CSUN after that for free classes.

- Taking a fiddle class over at the nearby California Traditional Music Society.

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