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Back to regular, boring work tomorrow. Bummer. It's been so nice working on my own interesting stuff this past week, and doing so at home. Back to the dull routine with no end in sight, but at least a resolution to talk to the bosses about moving cubicles and taking the summer off.

This afternoon we beautified our house a little by taking down the rather large aerial TV antenna perched atop the roof and strapped to the chimney. This involved me climbing up there on a borrowed ladded, then cutting the rusted metal straps and wires holding the thing in place, then carefully lowering it to the ground and chopping it up.

It's been bothering me for quite a while to have that piece of ugliness up there, but no more. A few birds will be put out and have to use trees for perches now, but that's probably better for them anyway. No need for antennas while receiving cable, and there's no end of that in sight.

Played a bunch of new games this week (New Year's Eve, Friday, Saturday), with Jenn & Kenny and Larry & Co. These include Clans, A Game of Thrones, Mammoth Hunters, Carcassone and Hunters & Gatherers with new expansion tiles, Trivial Pursuit: Lord of the Rings, Pizarro & Co., and New England. Still got a couple more that we haven't tried yet, so we'll have some more fun over the next couple of weeks.

Okay, off to sign up for a 100-mile bike ride near the end of April. Ciao.

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