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Shelley scored some free tickets for us to see Cold Mountain at the Directors' Guild building in Hollywood last night, so we attended. Good flick: award-winning, no doubt. Interesting Q&A with the writer/director afterward.

Found out that we're getting a tax refund... from last year! We had overlooked the liquidation of one of our stocks bought in 1999 (we don't always pick the best) and another that our broker sold for us to cover a negative balance. So we get a couple hundred bucks back from the feds and state combined. Lost more on the stocks, of course, but selling stocks for a loss is a valid write-off, up to a certain point.

Running and calling around trying to find a couple spare batteries for the portable computer, because I want to make another virtual tour on Saturday, and create this one solely from battery power. Bought the wrong batts yesterday over at the mall in Northridge, and now have to take them back.

Have the demo CD nearly ready to go. Don't like the current Mt. Wilson panos in some cases, so making an alternate one may result in a better demo produce. Worth a day to find out and practice with the pano rig some more.

Currently researching best way to get professionally printed and duplicated CDs. Made a DVD-case package for it, which looks snazzy. Free copies if you ask, so long as you promise to write back about what you like or don't like about the product. You might also get your name in the credits section if you're brutally honest and provide feedback. Hands up if you want one.

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