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This isn't where I thought I was going to be when I looked forward into my life, but here I am....

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2004 + 1 = 2005

Last year I set some resolutions and some goals. Let's review:

Goal: Officially Launch JournalScape: Didn't complete it, but this one is designed to be a something to be working towards, so even though it didn't happen, I made much good progress. We added lots of important features, some of the big ones being Group Subscription Emails (soon to be renamed Email Alerts) and JournalScan (name compliments of Heather). I actually made a TON of progress on something you can't see yet that I believe is the last big step before official release, so the completion of the goal is in sight. I just need to find the strength to pull myself away from World of Warcraft long enough to do it.

Goal: Solidify HRD Color Sash Knowledge: Again, not perfect but I really did relearn and solidify a lot of that material. Teaching is to others is really the only way to get it down and make it stick. I didn't attend or teach as much as I wanted to (or should have) but I really do feel like the techniques are settling into my system. When I'm teaching others I can see myself in them and when I offer them a correction I can see the reverse. I can see in me that extra bit of understanding that my teachers always seemed to have.

Resolution: Finish Things: Getting better, still needs work. If I only worked on projects until 80% complete before, I think I'm up to 90% now. Must continue progress.

Resolution: Remember Things: I've improved on this a lot I think, however I've forgotten some bigs things already which means I didn't improve fast enough. Must continue to improve. The flippy it on my cell phone broke recently so I'm considering getting a new one with PDA like abilities. If I do, it has to be iCal and iSync compatible, so I really need to look around.

Resolution: Eat Less: Didn't really work much at all. I also tried cutting some types of food from my diet (like cheese and chocolate) which actually helped me drop 15-20 lbs... but it's not something I can sustain. I simply can't live without cheese and chocolate, I could see it wearing on my nerves and I was getting short with friends and people at work. I've started back on chocolate and cheese and I've gained the 15-20 lbs back, but I'm happier so either I need to learn to be happy with my weight or I need to find some other way to lose my gut.

A lot of stuff happened in 2004. I was about to type "I hope 2005 will be better" but I decided to replace it with "I'm going to make 2005 be better."

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