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Physics Presentation... booyah

In my ridiculously lame Physics for Acupuncturists class, we had to get up and do a presentation about some physics topic and how it relates to Eastern Medicine. Most presentations were good, but this entry is about tooting my own horn, because mine kicked ass.

I discussed the new idea in quantum physics that two 0 capacity quantum channels when used together produce a greater than 0 capacity channel. I found that link via Slashdot randomly and thought it was a cool idea. The very simple explanation is that the quantum channels do have bandwidth, but they are entirely filled with noise. If you use the noise in one channel to cancel the noise in another channel, there appears a very small clarity that allows communication.

I made the case that when treating a patient, we have to establish a rapport. If someone is dealing with some deeply seated, ugly emotions, we can't just smash down their walls and dive right to the center of the problem. If we do, they'll just close themselves off even more. Our qi cannot reach them via our single quantum channel of communication unless they are willing to accept it. Their second quantum channel of communication must cooperate with ours to establish a connection and allow us to communicate on that sort of qi, or quantum, level.

During the portion of my presentation where I explained the ideas of channel capacity and the current theory on quantum channel communication, I had some blank stares... some of the faces had the "ooooooook... but where are you going with this?" Then I gave them the patient communication example and the whole room lit up!

2 people actually came up to me during our short break to tell me how much they enjoyed it. woot! /flex

I now return you to your non-horn-tooting-Kenny world.

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