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Yes We Can

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I just had the WEIRDEST experience...

During our break in Zang Fu class, this woman in the class came up to me and asked me how tall I was... I answered 6'2". She asked if I could do her a favor.. her back was out of place and she needed someone to pop it back in. Ok, sure, I've done this a lot...

I stand up and ask her how she'd like me to do it. I have a couple of different ways that I usually do it.. stand behind and lift them up or having them lay down and push with my hands, etc.

No... her way is to stand front to front and have me squeeze her toward me.


Um, ok... I put my arms under hers and wrapped them around her... and I'm taller than her, so her arms are up around my neck. The teacher walked in after we were in this position and stopped to double take.... because it honestly looked like we were totally making out. Someone even joked in the background "Wow, this is a pretty good pick-up line!"

She inhaled, exhaled and I squeezed. She said it needed to be like 3 times stronger squeeze than that.

Ok, but dude, this is just WEIRD.... and did I mention that I don't even know this chick's name?

Inhaled, exhaled, I squeezed and heard a pop. She said, "Ok, almost there, but there is still one more. I need you to really squeeze! Squeeze like you are going to kill me."


Not only is this REALLY weird, but I'm really having trouble just thinking clearly. Yes, she's attractive, but it's not like I'm turned on... it's just STRANGE. I've never done this to her before... or really ever even TALKED to her before and she's asking me to exert an amount of force on her that is not trivial while our bodies are pressed together and arms wrapped around each other. Have I mentioned how weird this is?

I ask her, "ok, are you sure? I can squeeze really strongly, but I don't want to hurt you." She assures me she'll be fine. I do, I try to exert more force. I get the last pop. She thanks me and we talk briefly. She says that it's been so hard to find guys in LA that can squeeze tightly enough to do it. She says they tell her they are squeezing as strongly as they can... and they are wimpy. I realize though that I was BARELY squeezing her on that last try. It's weird to me that I told myself to squeeze ridiculously strong, but didn't.... but granted, the whole situation was freakin' weird and my brain was probably just not working.

Oh, and I know her name now. Weird.

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