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Happy New Year!

Over the course of last week there was lots of time to watch movies and read books, and I got through these:

Hell Wouldn't Stop: An Oral History of the Battle of Wake Island, the book that Jenn got for me through her friend Christine whose father is the author. Definitely interesting reading, only bad point is that some of the accounts read almost the same so it was a bit repetitious. Apparently it's the author's first work of non-fiction, and applaudable as such.

Always a not-so-exciting movie from Spielberg that was just okay; not sure whether it would qualify as a chick-flick or not, but it might

Orlando has great costuming from 17th-19th Centuries but runs slowly and will not rank in my top 100; seems to be about someone who is immortal and goes through time concentrating on one aspect of it over others; this person also seems to change sex about halfway through, but I'm not sure because "she" may have just been pretending to be a "he" earlier on

The Big Blue also longer than it needs to be and just didn't do that much for me; about deep-diving competitors who are friends and out to set ever-deeper records

Sharpe's Battle the latest in the series remains as good as ever, but the next one is marked as "long wait" so we may not get it for a while :-(

In Harm's Way tells the stories of several US Navy officers from Pearl Harbor through the invasion of some South Pacific islands; has a star-studded cast but all of the ships, campaigns, battles, etc. are fictional so it didn't grab me

Mad Max, which I have never actually seen before; found it uninteresting, except for seeing Mel so young

It's a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World used to air on the TV every New Year's Eve at our house in my childhood (IIRC) so how apropos to watch it on the 31st; still good for a laugh or two, but the ending is very silly

Half a Wing, Three Engines and a Prayer good book about one particular 8th Air Force crew that flew 25 B-17 bomber missions over Germany in WW II; pretty interesting first-hand accounts from diaries and interviews

I know my movie "reviews" aren't all that useful, but I don't mean them to be; it's hard for me to explain why I don't like (or like) a flick, but if you know me and you share common movie interests, then maybe my opinions will help you select future rentals.

Our flight home proved to be uneventful, although our first leg bumped us to economy plus where we had more leg room, which was nice.

Today we reorganized our media center and put all of the components in the glass door area so that they look nice and neat and won't get dusty; drilled three holes in the floor and then crawled under the house to run speaker wires to the two rear speakers for Shelley's new sound system so that the cords aren't lying on the floor (wireless just too expensive).

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