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Got home today and found a huge batch of mail that had arrived over the holiday. It included our mega holiday Visa bill, as expected, as well as the annual bill for our house insurance (not including earthquake insurance, which is another whammy that should arrive real soon). $$$$$ = :-(

Tucked amongst all the bad news, however, were three (!) separate checks from the California unemployment bureau for retroactive payments resulting from the federal payment level increases that went into effect some time ago. $$ = :-) Woo! What a nice surprise! It means we won't have to carry as much of a balance on the credit card this month like we usually do after the holidays, so that's quite a relief considering we have to pay for a cruise soon.

And if things weren't busy enough around here, the Nulab president called me up to ask about doing another project for them: building a new FileMaker Pro database and putting it on a web server so that their salesmen can access it from anywhere.

So, not being busy enough with Katja's Pyramid Texts project, Battlefield Glass III, tearing down the closet in our computer room and renovating the whole thing, working on Flattops to make it multi-player, participating in SFBOL tournaments, getting in shape for bike tours, playing volleyball on Sunday, gaming on Fridays and Saturdays, and working full-time, I said "yes."

Guess I failed my wisdom saving throw on that one, eh? Or is it a sanity check? But at least I am going to raise my fee for him and will meet with him on Saturday afternoon to hash out the details.

Today is a really cool one, numerically, the way we write it in the US:


and earlier at one point it was

01/02/03 04:05:06

Now, back to your regularly scheduled web surfing.

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