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Very Busy
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Wow, a whole week since last update. Busy, busy, busy here. On Thursday, was down at the violin shop until 11:30 pm helping them with ads for their upcoming show. Have to go back there next Friday evening because they're in a bind and way behind (as usual).

Put in a couple of evenings on the Nulab and Pyramid Text databases as well, and will be doing the same this week starting tonight. It doesn't make for exciting journal entries.

Lots of shopping on Saturday at Home Depot, Lowe's, Michael's, Target, Ikea, and The Great Indoors. We bought a hard-wood floor to install in the room where we have the computers. We also got shelf mounting hardware and new curtains. Still have to get the paint, but decided on pale cowslip (a lighter yellow than the room currently is). We plan to take out the old carpet and paint and install the floor and new shelves over next weekend (it's a long one for both of us).

We played a new (for us) game at Larry's place on Saturday: Union Pacific. Quite the good game, and definitely on the wishlist. We also tried Citadels with the Witch and Diplomat characters: both gave it some good twists. Played Elfenland as well; fun enough, but I suspect it will get old too fast.

Sunday our hilltop neighbor had a tree trimming company come in to top the pines that have grown to disturb his view. We had agreed to allow them access to the trees across our property (to keep up good relations and not make him mad so that he'd take out the trees completely). We ended up with a fair amout of firewood, and they hauled away (for free) the debris from removing the closet in the computer room.

Watched a couple of DVDs, including
Baraka (good visual experience similar to Koyaanisqatsi), Cadfael: The Pilgrim of Hate (one of the series of cool medieval mysteries), Dancing at Lughnasa (not sure about the point of this one - seemed to have neither character development nor plot).

Oh yes, my sister Krista and her husband Breck stopped by Friday night on their return trip to Idaho from honeymooning in Belize. They reported having a good time. Sounds like a nice place to visit.

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