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No Gaming Tonight
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The folks at the violin shop couldn't meet on Thursday for their normally scheduled help session so I agreed to go down there tonight because they have an important show coming up soon. So no gaming tonight, but work instead. Sigh. How do I get out of there?

Been workin' a LOT all week: most nights three hours at a spell, staying up to 12:30 or so, although last night it was 1:30 am. Getting a lot done though, and extra income won't hurt, whenever it finally arrives. One night for Nulab, one for Flattops, one for Pyramid Texts: rinse and repeat.

Brenda Con Kiddie: definitely in the oven, according to yesterday's sonogram. And not twins, which must be a relief.

Finished up a terrific book called Japan at War: An Oral History, which contains numerous first-person accounts of WW II from many Japanese, including soldiers and sailors of various ranks, workers, newsmen, wives, parents, etc. A most enlightening read and highly recommended.

Work goes along, keeping me moderately interested and busy with coding improvements and migrating code from a test server to a production one. I've purchased a huge book on XML and have been reading a bit in it every day as well.

We get down and dirty with our computer room remodelling project second thing tomorrow morning. We'll move the computers and their desks out and then rip up the carpet and paint the walls and ceiling. We'll go buy the new wall-length shelf boards, paint or stain them, and put them up as well. I'll save the rest for a separate entry with before and after photos.

First thing tomorrow is taking Becky (my new bike) out for a spin with her new bike computer, which I hiked over to REI and bought this afternoon. It's not all that fancy, but it does track miles ridden, speeds, and other basic information. Also got a GREAT pair of socks and a book about good bike rides on the roads in LA county.

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