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We had hoped to lay the new floor this afternoon, but we had to spend most of the morning shopping for shelf wood, stain, more paint for a second coat on the walls, a router bit, and various other things that we needed to continue the project.

We just didn't spend enough time preparing for this endeavor. We should have bought all the shelf wood and stained it over the last couple of weeks. We should have masked the windows and trim and painted them already. Next time, more preparation before the actual project. Or maybe not -- this one is worse for the fact that we're off-line throughout, if not for the fact that we just hooked up a CPU and Shelley's flatscreen monitor to get a quickie fix of the 'net.

Between doing the painting and staining and other bits of room preparation, I made up an interesting new kind of chili, for a competition at work on Friday. It's not bad at all, but more on it later in the week.

We found that our cable comes up through the floor and that it would be better if it came up through the wall instead, so I was trying to drill the floor next to it in order to make a bigger hole for it so that we can push it down and out and then back up inside the wall, but I accidentally shredded some of the co-ax shielding. Apparently it's not enough to destroy the connection though.

We had a fun time gaming last night, especially trying Entdecker, a new one for all of us. We also played Lowenherz and Hunters & Gatherers, and didn't get to bed until 2:30 am (we stayed up a bit discussing room remodelling options, like whether to stagger a few shorter shelf segments along the top of the wall or just go with one very long shelf).

I'm rambling becaue it's late and I'm waiting for Shelley to finish painting the window trim with the dark green. It does look nice! Definitely will post some pictures when the room is done.

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