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What Weekend?
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Zoom, Zoom
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Did a weekend just pass? Hmm. Friday evening I had to go down to Nulab to meet with their president to get the web databases working the way he wants. That took up one whole evening.

Saturday was time for a break from databases for the morning, so we went down to the IMAX to see Space Station: 3-D. It was okay. On the way home we stopped at a stained glass store to look for a particular kind of glass. Last November I started this one project (a pair of lanterns) for a friend and cut up three small sheets of glass before realizing that not only did I not have enough to finish one lantern, I didn't know where I got the glass. I think it was in a sample pack from an on-line place, but they don't appear to have more of it.

So I have been searching for more of the same since then, and have now given up and gone with a different kind. I'd rather have found the first because the textures and colors were perfect. Lesson: don't start a project without having enough glass on hand to finish it, or at least know where to get more!

All of Saturday evening and some of Sunday morning went to Katja's projects and I hope she likes the way they're working now. If not, I will have to abandon that project because she's not making it clear enough to me what she wants them to do.

Sunday afternoon: cut and grind glass for the lanterns. I thought I'd have to spend more time on Katja's project, but thankfully not. Volleyball that evening was dopey. Two stacked teams of really good players, and two average teams. There was kind of mutual repulsion at playing each other for some reason, so each pair played each other all night, which turned out pretty boring. Not a good night there.

Watched Powaqqatsi late last week at some point. About as moving as the first in the series (Koyaanisqatsi), but the movement it offers depresses to some extent. Still, recommended for the visual imagery and music.

So, at this point Nulab needs an indefinite amount of work done on their databases (for both web and in-house) and I'm just not caring much about it. I'll work for them catch as catch can if they want, but I've decided that their needs will definitely not outweight my enjoyment of life. Sorry. I've had it with working all my evenings and weekends. If I wanted that kind of job, I wouldn't take a laid-back university postion.

Katja's project is interesting and pays. The vitamin lab's pays, but is definitely not interesting. If they need it done faster, then let them find someone else to do it. I'll give them one night a week at most, and hopefully not even that. Katja's shouldn't need much more work so I'll give it a little more time, then close it.

Back to gaming and (even more importantly) hanging out with friends on Fridays, as things should be.

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