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Long Time in the Desert?
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Rather Hesitant
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Willeke has just sent me the paperwork for this year's Fayum project. It's a big survey in the same area, so apparently not a fieldschool like last time.

And it's at least 10 weeks long (late Sept. to half Dec.). That's really far longer than I want to be away from home. No doubt that we could arrange for Shelley to come and visit, but it would also mean quitting the job and -- assuming the same rate as last year -- taking a 50% pay cut plus loss of benefits.

I'm in quite a qaundry, mostly about bowing out gracefully. Although maybe it would be possible to go for just some of that time. Guess I'll have to have a chat with Willeke.

But along other lines, I'm communicating with an archaeologist who's running a Viking-Age project in Denmark that looks interesting. It's only a month, and is more my area of interest. And it would require quitting my job to attend. Hmm, and double hmm.

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