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Forgot to say the other week that we finally got to eat at Hometown Buffet. We've been trying for quite a while, but the long line always put us off. To make a long story short: lot of food, decent price, food not great. We don't plan on eating there again, but if you want to eat a lot, go for it.

Back to gaming this weekend. Moved the table into the living room and had a fire going. Played a new game called VOC!, which is simple but rather unusual. Have to close your eyes and draw your ship's route through the East Indies in order to make it to port to get exotic spices. Other players with pieces on your ship get to say a single word or two to help you draw. If you hit land, you lose a sailor from the ship and have to stop.

Got our DVD player back from the shop. Apparently it needed some connection resoldered and the laser mechanism got stuck too. Whatever. Good to have back. Had taken to playing DVDs on my computer while foiling glass pieces. Watched Signs, which turned out to be better than expected, without the usual Shyamalan twist at the end.

Skipped volleyball Sunday evening to have good dinner at Jennise's place, and checked out her new home theatre system, which is a projector. Tempting to get one like it rather than a large-screen device, but not sure image quality is as good, and it's not all that much cheaper.

Shelley's new TV idea taking off. Registered her a new web address with a .tv extension, set up an initial site with e-mail address, etc. Will say more about this when she says it's okay. Exciting.

Got to read humorous set of secret diaries written by Frodo, Gandalf, Legolas, and the rest of the crew from the Fellowship.

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