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My entry in Battlefield: Glass advanced, however it scored only 15th place. I'm rather tempted to just stick next round's theme items together and enter them that way, along with a write-up protesting the way things are going again.

Many very creative projects scored low this round, and the Nessie one didn't even advance. Of course this means that a number of uncreative projects scored well. The person who used 1,900 pieces of glass and spent $230 on the big egg got first (no surprise there given the results overall). At least if she goes on to win the contest, she'll have used all her winnings in her project.

In the stupid concepts category, visit and check out their front-page movie suggestions. On this site, which boasts their movies "have been edited for content to remove nudity and sexual situations, offensive language, and graphic violence" they show six titles, of which four are Fellowship of the Ring, Galdiator, The Patriot, and The Green Mile. Remove all those parts, and what, each is about 20 minutes long? At least you can enjoy a quadruple-feature in one evening and say you say all four of the movies.

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