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Slipping Again
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Whoa, nearly a week without a journal post. Must be slipping. Last week. Hmmm, where did it go?

It seems I've been in a funk for some of that time. I'm alreaday sick of cubicle land at work again. Part of that comes from having been out and about on the open ocean for the week previously. So hard to sit in an office after that.

Didn't get a whole lot done last week. Made a big jump on Flattops, toward getting the multi-player system working. Just got to find some more time for testing now. Maybe on Weds. and Thurs. this week.

Did get a lot done this weekend though. Almost all the glass is cut and ground for the next project. Didn't have one color, however, so will get that as soon as possible and then finish it up. No last-minute rushing this time, and should even have time to get it framed.

Plenty o' gaming, including Taj Mahal, Lowenherz, and Ta Yu on Friday, then on Saturday Aladdin's Dragons and Condottiere, plus Cartagena and Nodwick. Of the last two, it would be fine with me if we never played them again. I did not care for either of them. Thankfully they don't take long to play.

Recent movie viewings:

My Big Fat Greek Wedding, just okay, had its moments, hard to believe some of the over-the-top stereotyping. Not sure why so popular.

Enigma, an excellent movie set in 1943, revolving around British code-breakers and the German Enigma machine, but lots of stuff going on at multiple levels; not a war movie but more of a mystery.

About a Boy, decent chick-flick and recommended.

On the Waterfront, a classic from 1954 that's not bad -- one of the few classics we've viewed in the last few months that seems to have a straighforward story.

Not much else going on right now. Steady as she goes.

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