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Totally Embarrassed
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Every time George W. opens his mouth about Iraq I want to find a bigger piece of furniture to hide under. He's such an embarrassement to this country. He's making me more and more angry as well.

Now, it seems to be true that Hussein is a dictator and perhaps he does nasty things to other Iraqis and maybe he has WMD. Maybe all of that is true and if it is, then military action against him might be justified.

But not unilaterally. Not against the vote of the U.N.

Bush calls the U.N. obsolete and useless unless they vote for war against Iraq. This very statement is what I find the worst about Bush. The fact that the U.N. is looking at Iraq and inspecting it and then telling the U.S. not to attack is *what the U.N. is for*!

The U.N. is not there to be bullied by one nation into allowing it to attack another, no matter the reason. I'm overjoyed that they are standing up to Bush, unlike our own Congress. I'm glad they're not backing down. I believe they would sanction war if Bush had convincing evidence that they should, or if their own inspectors found reason to.

As it is now, however, war seems inevitable if for no other reason that we have sent all those troops over there, so we might as well use them. It's the old adage that an unused weapon is a waste of money. I don't think the war is about oil, nor about terrorism, but Bush's need to finish what his dad started a decade ago.

My single hope for the whole situation is that the war footing will be maintained another two years and Bush will be driven from office before he starts it. If we do go in, I fully expect serious ramifications for ages.

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