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Return of Furry Sobek
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So did you see the Yahoo! news article about the exciting new find from Egypt?!?

You may recall one of my journal entries, from last October, called Furry Sobek of the Mud, in which I detailed a trip to a swimming hole in Egypt, where I was named Furry Sobek.

Isn't it just amazing how life imitates art sometimes?

Or course, I just had to pop an e-mail off to all the staff members from the project to be sure they heard the news too. Watch this space for their comments:

Tom says, "Long live the fuzzy Sobek!"

John says, "Wow. I have so much respect for you. I don't know who you paid or how much, but wow... Now that you've been fully elevated to elite sun-god status, what's your next plan, you fuzzy little guy, you?" -Sea Dog

Willeke said to all: "This is an extremely important find from the Fayum (Tamiya used to be the ancient center of Sobek worship). The latest theory apparently is that there actually was a furry crocodile species. Did you come across references for that? Please let me know preferably today, because this is potentially something that should be incorporated into the field school report which is due this week."

And to me only: "The fact that the furry rooster sends us this on April foolsday makes me slightly suspicious :-)"

And then John said, "For the record, Willeke, and I say this with the utmost of love and concern, you did pick up on the identity of the author of the article, right? Just

Lauren says, "Thanks for sharing this important piece of information with us. I will make sure that everybody here on the Giza project reads about this incredible and amazing discovery."

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