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Couldn't find any April's Fools stuff on the web today, which is very disheartening. Last year a couple of excellent sites appeared for the day (Google and Motley Fool, for example, had highly amusing ones). Stupid war.

Speaking of, Kenny found an article that expresses my point of view the best of any that I've seen so far. No matter your take on the war, have a read of this and feel free to use the comments feature of JournalScape to respond to it.

Here are two humourous / cynical / sarcastic politcal sites that may be of interest to you:


The Onion

Did you hear about the UFO cat?

Or how about the great (completed) project to photograph the entire California coastline?

By the way, linked from my main journal page (amongst the other journal links) is Dave Barry's journal. Much of it consists of very funny sites he has checked out, although some pages are his own stuff.

One link from March 31st goes to the Extreme Ironing sport. It's not an April Fool's idea -- searches find it from at least last fall. Pretty good stuff. May have to take an iron on my next archaeological project and join the group.

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