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My favorite from the round-three Battlefield: Glass comments is "this artist must be a beginner. Get out of this contest."

Overall, though, people made favorable comments about the creativity shown in the project, and that's pleasing. Those who left other words for me touched on aspects I already knew to be weak: not enough pieces, too simple, lacking background, forced use of parrot -- that kind of thing.

Overall, then, my entry scored 15th in the "like it" category and 7th in the "creativity" one. The "like it" one was actually lower than one project that did not advance to the next round! The combined scores rank 12th of 15 by voting (plus one wildcard) so it's enough for round 3.

Ten people didn't get their projects in for this round, and no one used the gems as rain drops, snow flakes, clouds, or stars in a night sky. That's rather surprising. The vast majority used them as flowers or flower parts, or just decoration.

I've already started reading up (in the book Santa Jenn and Kenny got me) on how to make mosaics for next round. I've never made a mosaic before, and am likely to try a garden stone or trivet for the table, but we'll see on Monday what the next set of elements suggests for a theme and then figure out what works best mosaic-wise.

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