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Much Poorer

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Last Friday morning, the day we planned for visiting Mexico, our car (Buggy) developed a new sound. It didn't appear to be trip-threatening, but I hate it when that happens.

Shelley got it to the g'rudge Tuesday and they informed us that -- as we had suggested to us by Rubick -- the bearings had worn out. Not unexpected on a '92 with 170K miles on it. But the rest of the car appears to be in good shape, so we had them go ahead and replace the bearings.

They performed a general inspection too, and reported that all or most of the various rubber hoses were beginning to show signs of age with cracking and stiffening, etc., and some could go anytime. So sigh... we reckoned it best to replace them all as well.

Warning: plot complication!

Car had to stay in shop overnight because some rusty parts having to do with the bearings had frozen. No added expense, because the g'rduge arranged for a rental car on their expense account.

Warning: another plot complication!

They got the front bearings and all the hoses taken care, of then discovered one of rear wheels also had bearings in need of replacement.

Since they hadn't discovered that problem in the first round of troubleshooting, they said they'd waive the labor charge to replace them as long as we paid the parts, and waited a couple more days for them to arrive.

We accepted that offer, because they continued to cover the rental car. But still, a four-digit hit to the bank account doesn't go over well any time and is even worse in tax season.

These repairs run a lot cheaper than buying a new car, of course, in the long run and it's best to stay with a used car you know rather than buy another one you don't.

Here's to another 170K, Buggy!

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